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Super Fuel System | What it does

The Super-Fuel-System installs on your car's engine to produce a super fuel from water. This increases your fuel economy, improves your miles per gallon and reduces your carbon footprint. Learn more »

Get Up to 50% Better Gas Mileage

This is what it does for you

The Super-Fuel-System produces a super fuel from water called HHO and delivers it to your engine. By tapping the super-fuel energy contained in pure water and making HHO Super-Fuel, engine combustion efficiency is increased while dramatically lowering your harmful emissions. By improving combustion efficiency and lowering harmful emissions, the Super-Fuel-System gets more power and mileage out of the gasoline you purchase, saving you money!

The Super-Fuel-System is a Hydrogen on Demand process and creates HHO as you drive. No need for storage or pumping HHO or messing with fuel additives. Just add water, and your Super-Fuel-System creates Super-Fuel while you drive.

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Saves Money!


How much money will the Super-Fuel-System save you? How much do you drive? And how much do you pay for gasoline every week? Because you get more miles out of the gas you buy, the Super-Fuel-System more than pays for itself in a few months, and is guaranteed for the life of your car or your money back.

But that is not all you factor in to your savings with the Super-Fuel-System…

How much do you spend cleaning your fuel system? How much will you spend replacing your car due to the inevitable wear and tear carbon buildup creates on the inside of your engine? Out of site but not out of mind or your pocketbook.

The Super-Fuel-System makes your gasoline burn cleaner, and creates just the right amount of water vapor to clean your engine. Also, HHO burns cooler, so your car runs cooler creating less stress on your engine and that means longer engine life.

The Super-Fuel-System creates lots of Hydrogen and Oxygen, and Electrically Expanded Water. This completely burns the carbon in your gasoline and turns it into energy and power to run your car-- Not be deposited on the surfaces of the inside of your engine or spewed out the exhaust as unhealthy pollution. That also means longer engine life. And how much will you spend on your medical bills due to breathing harmful emissions? The Super-Fuel-System virtually eliminates harmful exhaust emissions.


Improves our Economy!

As we all save money and realize the benefits of the Super-Fuel-System all of our cost factors are decreased. Everything costs less due to lower transportation costs, longer engine life and a cleaner environment. And you realize the savings every week as you have more money to spend on the things you really need, other than gasoline.

Improves the Environment! Reduces Your Harmful Emissions to near ZERO

The Super-Fuel-System has a dramatic effect on harmful emissions. This excerpt from the inventor of the HyZor Hydrogen on Demand technology, George Wiseman of Eagle Research, Inc. describes the effect of our technology on harmful exhaust emissions: Logo


"When we increase the combustion efficiency, creating more power with less fuel, the net result is more oxygen in the exhaust. Carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC), nitrous oxides (NOx), go to near nothing, carbon dioxide (CO2) rises a bit and oxygen rises from about 12% to 14% (sometimes up to 16%). The vehicle's exhaust becomes 'technically' breathable."


What this means is, not only are harmful emissions being virtually eliminated, but green house gases are being reduced as well. The small increase in Carbon Dioxide is more than offset by the increases in Oxygen (O2) and large reductions in the more troublesome greenhouse gases like Carbon Monoxide (CO), Hydrocarbons (HC) and Nitrous Oxides (NOx)- although we hear a lot about Carbon Dioxide (CO2) these are the more deadly greenhouse gases for Tropospheric earth level pollution.


George Wiseman: "The 'extra' oxygen comes from:

1. The oxygen that is NOT tied up in oxides of nitrogen.
2. The oxygen that is NOT tied up in carbon monoxide
3. The oxygen that is NOT burned, because you are using less fuel."

Other positive resources like water vapor are also released. More Oxygen and water vapor in the environment makes the Super-Fuel-System a positive environmental Resource Contributing Technology.


George Wiseman: "The vehicle's programming automatically assumes more oxygen in the exhaust means the fuel mixture is lean, perhaps because of clogged injectors, and INCREASES the fuel use; to bring the pollution back to 'normal'."

"It's almost as if the vehicle manufacturers were DESIGNING fuel systems that would NOT double mileage when combustion enhancement technology--that worked with carbureted vehicles--was applied to EFI [Electronic Fuel Injection]."

Order Info > quote regarding effect on emissions.

Significantly Reduces our Dependence on Canadian, Mexican and Foreign Oil!

Half the oil pumped out of the ground and sea beds by oil companies is distilled, fractured and cracked by oil refineries into the gasoline we and the rest of the world use to run our cars.

Nearly half of all oil production capacity and 80% of total oil reserves in the world we depend on are shared by OPEC countries. Canada extracts huge amounts of oil from the Alberta Tar Sands in an Industrial wasteland type setting. The geography of Mexico City acts like a smog concentration facility with much of the hydrocarbon based pollution coming from, not only the exhaust of cars, but also oil refineries.

Deep sea oil drilling is being relied on more and more to give us the oil we need to run our oil based transportation systems at prices that will not break our economies. We all witnessed the extreme danger of deep sea drilling with the British Petroleum, Gulf of Mexico disaster of 2010 with its huge environmental consequences and very real economic price tags. As we know, we are all still paying for the BP disaster.

By adopting the Super-Fuel-System and our Eagle-Research, HyZor, HHO, technological platform, you will be doing your part to end American dependence on foreign oil and deep sea environmentally risky oil extraction.

You help usher in a cleaner, healthier, energy sustainable world!

Super Fuel Systems Testimonial

"I went from 230km to 350km"

-Alaina, Toronto, Ontario

Actual experience of Super-Fuel-System - HyZor Technology at for regular City driving on a tank of gas. This testimonial is for a 53% increase in mpg for City driving. Your experience will vary depending on type of vehicle, engine condition before installation, accuracy of installation, driving habits and type of driving. Alaina's testimonial video on the home page was made at an Eagle Research, Inc. Water Torch convention in 2005. We posted the video to show the origins and longevity of this technology.

Benefits of owning the Super-Fuel-System:

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