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Super Fuel System | What is it?

The Super-Fuel-System installs on your car's engine to produce a super fuel from water. This increases your fuel economy, improves your miles per gallon and reduces your carbon footprint. Learn more »

The Super-Fuel-System

The Super-Fuel-System is a powerful on board Hydrogen generator that we install on your car's engine to produce a super fuel from water. We separate and use both the Hydrogen and Oxygen components of water and mix it with your usual fuel to make your car run far better than it did before. This new powerful air/fuel Hydrogen mixture feeds and powers your existing fuel system, whether you use diesel, bio or gasoline fuel.

Model holds the SFS

Model Holds the SFS to her right sideThe Super-Fuel-System taps the super-fuel energy contained in pure water, H2O, and makes HHO, Super-Fuel. Our system then delivers that Super-Fuel to your engine to properly combine with your regular fuel. This increases mpg, reduces harmful emissions, increases power and performance and reduces carbon buildup, extending engine life. You improve the environment and you save money every time you drive!

Hydrogen on Demand / HHO

hoh atoms

HHO, also known as Brown's Gas or Hydroxy, is what we call the super-fuel we produce. HHO is Hydrogen separated from Oxygen, but in a high-energy harmonic balance ready to deliver money and environmental saving power to your engine. This amazing fuel when combined with your normal gasoline air/fuel mixture acts as a catalyst to burn cleaner, more complete, with more power and better engine performance.

Model folds her legs with the SFS

The Super-Fuel-System creates the HHO fuel as you drive. We call this Hydrogen on Demand. No need for on board storage or pumping of hydrogen. Just add water, and your Super-Fuel-System creates Super-HHO-Fuel.


The Super-Fuel-System is Guaranteed to last for the life of your car, and more than pays for itself in a few months.

If you choose to sell or trade-in your car with a Super-Fuel-System installed the value should be significantly higher. Or, you can re-install your Super-Fuel-System when you purchase a new car.


Any qualified mechanic can install your Super-Fuel-System or you can do-it-yourself with our complete DVD, and instruction guide.

We make our full on-line resources available to you and your mechanic for a super installation.

Install an ER HyZor Kit dvd

Our Electronic Control is included and interfaces with your car's ECU (Electronic Control Unit) to ensure optimal performance of your Super-Fuel-System!

So make the best investment in your car with a Super-Fuel-System!

Our special, HHO, HyZor technology, Super-Fuel-System is the most efficient Hydrogen on Demand automotive fuel saving engine enhancement you can buy and is available to you NOW.

Put Me In Your Engine… Reduce Harmful Emissions, Gain MPG, Save Money!

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Super Fuel Systems Testimonial

"I went from 230km to 350km"

-Alaina, Toronto, Ontario

Actual experience of Super-Fuel-System - HyZor Technology at for regular City driving. This testimonial is for a 53% increase in mpg for City driving. Your experience will vary depending on type of vehicle, engine condition before installation, accuracy of installation, driving habits and type of driving.

Model holds the Super Fuel System over her headPut Me In Your Engine… Reduce Harmful Emissions, Gain MPG, Save Money!

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Super-Fuel-Systemstm is a trademark of Inc.
HyZortm is a trademark of Eagle-Research Inc.

Model Looks quizzically at the Super Fuel System

Our Super Fuel System
will make your engine pur.

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