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Upggrade Your Engine WIth A Super Fuel System. Reduce Pollution. Increase Your Miles Per Gallon (MPG).

Run Your Car on Hydrogen from
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The Super-Fuel-System installs on your car's engine to produce a super fuel from water.
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Super Fuel Systems 100% Money Back Guarantee

Super-Fuel-System, HyZor HHO Technology, is the most efficient Hydrogen on Demand Automotive Engine Enhancement you can Buy.

Sustainably designed to save you money and improve the environment as you drive.

Our Super-Fuel-System uses an Electronic Control or EFIE, Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancer. The EFIE interfaces with your Electronic Control Unit / ECU, Fuel control system. Just tell us the Year, Make and Model of your vehicle and a Custom Electronic Control package is included in your purchase!

The Super-Fuel-System is based on Eagle Research, Inc. HyZor technology, first developed in 1997 by inventor George Wiseman of Eagle Research, Inc. Since that time thousands of earth conscious and thrifty, do-it-yourself, driving enthusiasts have put the Super-Fuel-System HyZor technology to work for themselves and realized all the benefits. A tried and true system -- you can realize all the benefits of the Super-Fuel-System too.  Now you have the opportunity to purchase a fully assembled, ready-to-install unit to take to your mechanic or install yourself.

Super Fuel Systems Testimonial

Video credit: Eagle-Research Inc.

"I went from 230km to 350km in my 40 Liter Tank"

-Alaina, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Actual experience of Super-Fuel-System - E-R HyZor Technology at for regular City driving. This testimonial is for a 52% increase in mpg for City driving. Your experience may vary depending on type of vehicle, engine condition, accuracy of installation, driving habits and type of driving.

Credit: Eagle-Research Inc.


Install an ER HyZor Kit DVD

This step-by-step, informative Installation DVD is included!

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model holding super fuel system Super-Fuel-Systems Does Not Void Your Manufacturer's Warranty

Your warranty is not effected because we make no changes to your existing fuel system!

Super Fuel Systems 100% Money Back Guarantee


Your Super Fuel System comes with a written 60 day satisfaction guarantee. You may return your unit at any time within 60 days of purchase for a full refund, plus your installation fee if you are not 100% satisfied. We also Guarantee your unit will last for the life of your car or your money back.


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Super-Fuel-Systemstm is a trademark of Inc.
HyZortm is a trademark of Eagle-Research Inc.

Morgen Love displays the Super Fuel System - Seat of Hanuman yoga position

Our Super Fuel SystemTM
will make your engine pur.

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