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The Super-Fuel-System installs on your car's engine to produce a super fuel from water. This increases your fuel economy, improves your miles per gallon and reduces your carbon footprint. Learn more »

Just Add Water | No Fuel Additives Required Model Holds SFS over her head

How it Works

The Super-Fuel-System creates a Super Fuel catalyst called HHO. It does this as you drive and delivers it to your already existing fuel system.

We create the HHO out of pure water, by a well known process called electrolysis, using your car's electrical system as a source of power. But, our Super-Fuel-System method of electrolysis is super efficient.

The HHO Super Fuel catalyst does the rest as it mixes with your car's gasoline and air.

Electrolytic action is what makes the Super-Fuel-System create HHO. We use an electrolyte dissolved in distilled water to speed up the process.

Electrolysis device demostrating method. Pure water containing Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) used as electrolyte.

As the electrolyte dissolves in pure water a stable but potent mixture of electrolytic solution is formed in the bottom section of the inverted T of the Super-Fuel-System, waiting to have its potential energy released.

To do this we tap the electricity of your car's alternator making the electrolytic fluid come to life.

As the electrical current passes through the electrolyte a positive electrical charge or Voltage builds up on a series of positive metallic plates called Anodes.

Likewise a negative charge or Voltage builds on the series of negative plates known as cathodes. These plates are also contained in the bottom cross of the inverted T shaped Super-Fuel-System (iT), which forms the fuel cell portion of the device.

model displays SFS

At the same time electrical energy from the current or Amperage running through the fuel cell is absorbed into the H2O water molecules in the electrolytic solution residing between the positive and negative plates.

As the electrical energies absorb into the water molecules they reach a certain point called the saturation point in electrochemical parlance.

As the saturation point is reached the water molecules desire to split into their component parts of Hydrogen and Oxygen. The Oxygen component takes the Hydrogen's single electron and thus becomes negatively charged and begins to migrate toward the positive plates of the fuel cell.

But, the Hydrogen atom without its single electron becomes a positively charged ion and pulls toward the negative plates of the fuel cell, thus causing the water molecule to split into its component parts of Hydrogen and Oxygen in a highly energized state.

Through the flow of magnetic ions our electrolytic solution carries the charged Hydrogen and Oxygen out of the water to the positive and negative plates of the anodes and cathodes in the fuel cell.

Model lays down looks left and right Red arrow points to Bubbler section of SFS where HHO accumulates.

Spheres of Oxygen (O2 and O) and Hydrogen (H2 and H) along with a highly energized substance known as Electrically Expanded Water (ExH2O) gather at these charged metallic plates to be liberated into the vertical, cylindrical shaped, shaft of the Super-Fuel-System known as the "Bubbler".

Water level indicator lights installed on dash.

The vertical shaft of the cylinder, or the Bubbler, contains a liquid level sensor as well as a 360° window section. This clear section of the vertical shaft allows physical inspection of the electrolytic water level.

The liquid level sensor keeps the electrolyte at the proper level.

The bubbler portion itself gathers the liberated Super-Hydrogen-Gas for drying and transfer out of the top of the Super-Fuel-System where free Oxygen (O2), Free Hydrogen (H2), Monatomic Hydrogen (H), Monatomic Oxygen (O), water vapor (H2O g), and Electrically Expanded Water (ExH2O) are liberated to form the Super-Fuel catalyst called HHO. >>>

Model Does a Split with the SFS

We cause H2O to efficiently spilt to form a Hydrogen and Oxygen gas called HHO

The Super Fuel catalyst is now made available to power your engine with HHO as it is delivered to your air intake and then into your fuel injectors.

This powerful Super-Fuel then forms a proper mix with the gasoline being injected in by your regular fuel system for even combustion in the combustion chambers of your engine cylinders.

o2 sensor

To accomplish this proper mix of HHO, Air and Gasoline we modify the signal from your car's Oxygen (O2) Sensor(s) that monitor your exhaust. Your O2 Sensors constantly monitor the Oxygen levels of your exhaust and tell your engine to add or subtract the proper amount of gasoline to or from the fuel injectors to maintain the proper mix of gasoline and air for introduction into the combustion chambers.

Electronic Fuel INjections Enhancer

Your O2 Sensor signal must be modified because we run cooler, cleaner and leaner, producing more clean Oxygen in the exhaust. Your exhaust will have much greater oxygen content because of the cleaner burn of your normal gasoline and air mixture. This can cause an unmodified O2 sensor signal to instruct your car's electronic fuel control system (ECU) to inject more gasoline into the air/fuel mixture to make your car run rich, that is, burn more gasoline with less air.

But a rich mixture is unnecessary with the Super-Fuel-System. In fact the Super-Fuel-System prefers a leaner gasoline and air mixture, i.e., less gasoline and more air, to run cooler, more efficient, with more power and greater performance.

Our EFIE's, Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancers, capture the O2 signals and modify them to produce the proper O2 signal to power your burn. The corrected O2 signal allows the car to run leaner, that is, use less gasoline and more air from the environment to mix with HHO from the Super-Fuel-System. We include a custom electronics package with each Super Fuel System based on the Year, Make, Model and Engine Size of so you have the right EFIE for your car.


Electronic Fuel INjections Enhancer

Cars without the Super-Fuel-System prefer a richer mixture of gasoline with air, i.e. more gasoline and less air, to run your engine. This is because an engine without the Super-Fuel-System runs too hot on a lean mixture. So, in a regular engine the O2 sensor signals the engine to add more gas to cool down the engine and compensate for the increased Oxygen in the exhaust. This wastes gasoline, creates pollution and transfers heat into the environment.

But, HHO burns cool and ignites a leaner mixture of gasoline and air. So the Super-Fuel-System runs your car cooler, and more efficiently, on less gasoline and more air while delivering more power and greater performance.

And that is how the Super-Fuel-System works for you!

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-Alaina, Toronto, Ontario

Actual experience of Super-Fuel-System - HyZor Technology at for regular City driving. This testimonial is for a 52% increase in mpg for City driving. Your experience may vary depending on type of vehicle, engine condition before installation, accuracy of installation, driving habits and type of driving.

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Warrior II variation by Morgen Love with Super Fuel System.

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