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Super Fuel System | About Us

The Super-Fuel-System installs on your car's engine to produce a super fuel from water. This increases your fuel economy, improving your miles per gallon and reduces your carbon footprint. Learn more »

Basic easy installation by a qualified mechanic. Inc. Develops, Markets, Sells, Installs and Supports Hydrogen on Demand Sustainable Technology, Locally and with the World!

We at Inc. market and share Super Fuel Systems technology, locally in Buffalo, New York, Lady Lake, Florida and worldwide. We do this through the World Wide Web, our installer locations, our offices in Central Florida and our network of partners.

Our Super-Fuel-Systems technology focuses on HHO Fuel Genie Systemstm and HHO HyZortm water based fuel systems to run your vehicle. We help develop, open source or patent this technology so all can benefit from it, learn how it works, experiment with it, improve it, share it, build it or buy it from us. We sell finished ready to install units for your truck, car, marine or automotive application. We show how this technology can be extended to our homes and businesses through stationary applications such as stationary engines, cutting torches and welders. We also sell helpful, informative guides to adding water fuel systems to internal combustion engines to turn your gasoline or diesel powered vehicle into a true hydrogen hybrid vehicle! 

Hydrogen on Demand (HOD), the history and development of high mileage super carburetors, fuel injection and HHO patents, tests and studies provide a backdrop to the current state of the technology and market acceptance. Our network of partners includes customers, suppliers, installers, mechanics, inventors, automotive engineers, scientists, policy makers, alternative energy enthusiasts, commentators, journalists and anyone else interested in causing the market penetration of sustainable alternative energy technologies like our Super Fuel Systems.

The Super-Fuel-Systems organization is rooted in over 20 years of research in HHO and gasoline saving technology and how this amazing technology impacts the entire world energy system. We are a dynamic, twenty-first century American business open to joint venture and venture capital partners to expand our market territories, grow our businesses sustainably and mutually benefit our partners.

Morgen Holds SFS

Super Fuel Systems technology can really change things. We think that an after-market installation of one of our HHO Hydrogen on Demand generators is the smartest step motorists can take to clean up harmful emissions, save money and usher in a lower priced Hydrogen based energy economy. Our current Super Fuel Systems marketing effort involves a product that, when properly installed, will increase your gas mileage, lower your harmful emissions, increase your power and performance, give you a cleaner engine and increase your engine life, all while saving you money. We use distilled H2O (pure water) as you drive to create HHO (Hydrogen) on demand. The HHO acts as a Super-Fuel catalyst to increase the combustion efficiency of gasoline and diesel fuel powered engines creating the phenomenal benefits and results of the Super Fuel Systemtm.

So join us at Inc. and take advantage of the incredible benefits of HyZor HHO water based fuel technologies. Try one on your car, and spread the word.

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Super Fuel Systems Testimonial

"Noticeably increased power"

~Gary Patrie, Car: Mazda Protege'

Super-Fuel-Systemstm is a trademark of Inc.
HyZortm is a trademark of Eagle-Research Inc.

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Our Super Fuel System
will make your engine pur.

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