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The Super-Fuel-System installs on your car's engine to produce a super fuel from water. Morgen Love has her own methods of increasing energy and achieving a cultural transformation. And they both unify. In the exclusive interview that follows you'll find out why we decided to model Super-Fuel-Systems with Morgen Love. Learn more »

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For the maiden voyage of our Inc. World Wide Web launch we were lucky enough to have the multi talented, inter-disciplinarian, cultural evolutionist,  Morgen Love model our super fuel system for our audience. Besides being a fabulous professional model operating on the East and West coasts of America, Morgen Love is a sustainable fashion designer extraordinaire - specializing in designing "vagabond couture" style clothing for people who move! You know dj's, dancers, singers, rock stars... yogini masters. You will be amazed at what else this woman does. Keep scrolling, you won't be disappointed. 

Yogini... Master

Morgen Love is familiar with fluid technologies. Among other components of her skill set is that of a Certified Yoga Instructor and dedicated student of masters specializing in Vinyasa Flow. Vinyasa is a form of yoga practice incorporating movement and breath as meditation. Morgen has studied under and worked with such prominent masters of the art as Shiva Rea. Wikipedia quotes two masters: "Lori Gaspar (2003):

There are four basic definitions of vinyasa:

1. the linking of body movement with breath;

2. a specific sequence of breath-synchronized movements used to transition between sustained postures;

3. setting an intention for one's personal yoga practice and taking the necessary steps toward reaching that goal; and

4. a type of yoga class. Maehle (2007: p.294) defines vinyasa as: Sequential movement that interlinks postures to form a continuous flow. It creates a movement meditation that reveals all forms as being impermanent and for this reason are not held on to.

Practitioners of Vinyasa Flow systems of yoga describe the awareness and flow of life energy, prana or chi, as a fluid movement of energy through the body. Go with the flow as we like to say. Morgen consistently describes and promotes her movements and sessions as flow and fluid-fire oriented. The muscular stretches, spine, bone, joint and tendon manipulation act as a kind of massage technique - leading to the opening of energy pathways that make the body come alive and nervous energy flow. Both calmness and a heightened sense of awareness are usually the result of prana flow / vinyasa flow systems of movement and breath meditation techniques. A great integration into a healthy, whole lifestyle choice.

model holding sfsMorgen Love's Cultural Philosophy, her Custom Ritual Adornments and Clothing Lines, Iron and Fire, Love tribe

We caught up with Morgen at Coffee Culture on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo, New York and asked what she thought of the cultural significance of products like the Super Fuel System. What advice she has for people considering a purchase:

"I would like people to reflect on the specific life style, earth conscious choices they are making – the way they live with respect to mother earth – The purchases they are making whether Food – buying organic - Clothes – How they are supporting that particular movement; by living, becoming more earth conscious-  This expands into more than one part of a life – into part of a greater whole. Part of a way of whole living. I think the Super Fuel System reflects a good earth conscious choice.

Morgen's lifestyle choices extend deep into the work she does. Operating two sites,one selling her natural jewelry and adornments known as Iron and Fire, and the other her hand made "vagabond couture" clothing line for people who move, known as Love Tribe, this model walks and works her talk. Both lines are sustainable and rely heavily on a style and design method Morgen calls the Organic in nature. "Organic = Aesthetic," was the formula Morgen shared with us.

Morgen is in good company. As early as 1851 Ralph Waldo Emerson and his colleagues discussed the Organic Aesthetic as a truly American design principle and a cultural movement just taking root. This movement could inform all aspects of design and specifically automotive was put forth.  Today,  Designer: Aleksandar Dimitrov demonstrates his concept and approach to this idea with Organic Aesthetic Transportation an organically shaped positive energy metro car for relaxing travel, featured inYanko Design. "Form Beyond Function" is Yanko's mission statement. Something Aesthetic Philosophers, Emerson, his colleagues and Love herself would surely approve. arrows points to sfs

"Organic is an aesthetic, teaches Love." Patterns repeat in nature but the elements of the pattern are not identical to each other. This creates an aesthetic wave, a feeling about the piece that is good for the soul and harmonizes with our nature. Unity is harmony not uniformity. Rippling waves, moving clouds, the speckled moth's wing, found bone and other natural objects inform Love's design work, especially feathers. And Morgen uses only the best in her designs.

model holds sfs to the leftJoin us at Inc. and scroll through the rest of Morgen Love's powerful imagery in this outstanding and meaningful, Cheryl Gorski, Super Fuel Systems Photo Shoot! ENJOY your voyage! And try a Super Fuel Systm on your car... spread the word.

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