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Actual Customer and Driver Testimonials.
Video credit: Fuel-Genie-Systems

2003 Ford F-150 XL Actual Baseline Test 17.5 mpg
Video credit: Fuel-Genie-Systems

2003 Ford F-150 XL Actual After Installation Test.
17.5 Baseline mpg to 22.5 mpg After Install over 25% increase in MPG

2010 Toyota Prius - 33% MPG Increase
Video credit: Fuel-Genie-Systems

2007 Camry Hybrid 40% MPG Increase Video credit: Fuel-Genie-Systems Inc.

2008 Prius Road Test 23% MPG increase

2004 Prius Road Test 32% MPG increase

Super Fuel Genie System Slim-kit

Super-Fuel-Genie Prius and EV Hybrid Package
Includes Mounting Bracket (not pictured)

Dancing Super-Fuel-Systems Genie - click to find out more
Upggrade Your Engine WIth A Super Fuel System. Reduce Pollution. Increase Your Miles Per Gallon (MPG).

Experience the Power of Hydrogen
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The Fuel Genie System installs on your engine to produce HHO hydrogen, a super fuel catalyst.
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Fuel Genie System Hydrogen on Demand for your car or truck Just add water! graphic- True hydrogen automotive technology!

Welcome to our Extended Fifth Year Anniversary Sale!!

It's been over five years since our founding and to celebrate we're holding over a fantastic offer to you for just a little while longer by giving you $50 off our already super pricing!

Our prices on the Fuel Genie all in one System have never been lower! You will not find this price anywhere else - We want you to experience a Fuel Genie System from us at the no risk price of only $379, INCLUDING ELECTRONICS!!! Drive with HHO hydrogen and save an astounding $200 off retail and save an add'l $50 today!

Get your Complete kit for Only $379* That's $50 off our lowest sales price for our five year sale for a very limited time! and that *includes Your Custom electronics! no one does that!

20% Guaranteed Gas Savings Or Your Money Back!  *with custom electronics included!!
- a $125 value!! See belowFuel Genie Systems Logo

  • Eliminates Harmful Emissions!

  • Pays for itself in gas savings

  • All in One system

  • Complete installation kit

  • Installs in one hour or less

  • Gasoline Only

Your Super Fuel Genie System Installation Kit
Features & Benefits:


Fuel Genie System Kit

Add Hydrogen to your fuel with a Fuel Genie System. Experience increased power, increased gas mileage and lower harmful emissions. You receive everything you need for a Custom installation in your gasoline powered truck or car!
100% Money back guarantee!

Volo HHO Performance Chip*For a limited time with your system purchase! We include a Volo FS2-HHO Edition performance chip custom programmed for your vehicle ABSOLUTELY  FREE!!

*A Volo electronic control module is included and required if your vehicle has oxygen sensor feedback in your exhaust manifold and catalytic converter systems. This is the case with most vehicles manufactured after 1995. Don't need a Volo? Contact us before you place your order for an even lower complete system price!

Authorized Volo Dealer! You save $10 on the Volo online Sale Price!

Choose a SLIM system for cars at $379 or a Marathon for trucks at $379. Or choose an FGS Prius kit for any EV hybrid at just $329. Free domestic shipping!

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For Engine Sizes up to 6 Liters
New FGS Marathon Model

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Put the Fuel Genie System™ in your engine

Hydrogen: The Superior Way to Drive with a Fuel Genie System

The Super Fuel Genie System will increase your gas mileage by creating Hydrogen while you drive. It will also increase engine power and performance, reduce your harmful emissions, extend your engine life, clean your engine, cut down on vehicle maintenance expense and SAVE YOU MONEY. You will put cleaner exhaust into the environment and reduce your carbon footprint with a Fuel Genie System. All this by producing Hydrogen on demand while you drive, and the system pays for itself!

Just look at these combined benefits!

Increase Your Gas Mileage

The Fuel Genie System significantly increases your gas mileage. It does this by mixing HHO, Hydrogen and Oxygen, with your existing gasoline or diesel fuel while you drive. This mixing creates a better fuel and a catalytic effect that increases the combustion efficiency of your engine. A more efficient engine increases your gas mileage. And your fuel burns so much more completely and efficiently that the increase in power output far surpasses the amount of energy the Super Fuel Genie used to create the Hydrogen and Oxygen on demand] while you drive. This is known as a catalytic effect and is a well-known principle in chemistry. Reactions improve when you add the right catalyst.

In your Gasoline powered engine…

By introducing the Hydrogen and Oxygen into the regular air-fuel mix the octane rating of the new mixture is significantly increased. High octane makes for better performance in a gasoline powered engine. The engine can burn more of the fuel in a much cleaner way when you add our Super-Fuel catalyst of Hydrogen and Oxygen! This significantly increases the miles per gallon of the gas you purchase.

A typical gasoline powered car engine wastes 70% of the fuel you buy. The Super Fuel Genie System turns that wasted gas into power, performance and increased gas mileage. So why not put a Super Fuel Genie System in your car?

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In your Diesel powered engine…

Diesel engines also benefit from the better more complete combustion that occurs.  Diesel engines do not need high octane fuel. Diesel fuel burns slowly, but by adding Hydrogen and Oxygen a speedier burn rate is achieved when the diesel fuel combusts. So, all the fuel is actually burned in the engine. This creates better combustion efficiency of the fuel consumed and less pollution. Contact us for more information on a Diesel System.

Diesel engines typically waste 30% of the fuel purchased. This is a known fact about diesel engines. The best diesel engine designs waste 20% of purchased fuel. With a Super Fuel Genie System in your engine, you will not waste any of the fuel you buy.

The better combustion efficiency combined with a complete burn of the fuel you buy results in significantly better miles per gallon, 15-25% higher MPG! That means dollar savings and more miles per gallon. It also means a healthier diesel engine and a healthier environment.

In your Battery powered Hybrid…

Controlled road testing comparisons have proved that the Fuel Genie System increases gas mileage in battery powered gas engine hybrids. Road tests in the Toyota Prius and Camry Hybrids have produced demonstrated gains of 30% or more.

This occurs because the batteries in these vehicles are charged by a smaller, steadily rotating gasoline powered engine. That engine also sometimes drives the vehicle. The Super Fuel Genie System effect on these types of steadily rotating engines is particularly good. Once again, the increase in combustion efficiency by adding Hydrogen and Oxygen to the fuel mix exceeds the energy cost it takes to create the Hydrogen and Oxygen catalyst in the Fuel Genie System. We do this on demand from our electrolytic distilled water solution, while you drive.

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Reduce Harmful Emissions, Increase Positive Emissions!

Improve the Environment! Reduce Your Harmful Emissions to near ZERO

Harmful emissions go down dramatically when you install our Fuel Genie System in your engine. You can reduce your harmful emissions to almost ZERO!

Tests with a five gas analyzer show significant reductions across the board in all harmful emissions and particulates. These include the greenhouse gases that can contribute to climate change.

Observations reveal that carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC), nitrous oxides (NOx), go to near nothing, and carbon dioxide (CO2) is significantly reduced.

Reducing these deadly poisons routinely exiting the exhaust of your vehicle benefits everyone. This lowers the harmful pollution and greenhouse gases causing tropospheric earth level pollution. That's great!

But positive, helpful emissions like Oxygen and water vapor have been shown to increase!

Add Valuable Resources to the Environment

According to George Wiseman the exhaust becomes ‘technically breathable’! Studies show that adding Oxygen to the environment has a beneficial effect. George Wiseman is a hydrogen on demand generator original pioneer, inventor and early HHO experimenter. He explains where the extra Oxygen in the exhaust comes from:

George Wiseman: “The ‘extra’ oxygen comes from:

1. The oxygen that is NOT tied up in oxides of nitrogen.

2. The oxygen that is NOT tied up in carbon monoxide

3. The oxygen that is NOT burned, because you are using less fuel.”

George Wiseman: “The vehicle’s programming automatically assumes more oxygen in the exhaust means the fuel mixture is lean, perhaps because of clogged injectors, so it INCREASES the fuel used, to bring the pollution back to ‘normal’.”

“It’s almost as if the vehicle manufacturers were DESIGNING fuel systems that would NOT double mileage when combustion enhancement technology that worked with carbureted vehicles was applied to EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection controlled vehicles).”

How much do we all spend on medical bills due to breathing harmful emissions?

George says other positive resources like water vapor are also released. More Oxygen and water vapor in the environment makes the Fuel Genie System a positive environmental Resource Contributing Technology.

This also cleans your engine and increases engine life!

Extend Your Engine Life

Reductions in hydrocarbon emissions results in a cleaner engine. Also, HHO allows your engine to burn cooler, and when your car runs cooler this creates less stress on your engine. That means longer engine life.

A cleaner engine with less carbon buildup that runs cooler means cleaner oil as well. All this is made possible by installing a Fuel Genie System in your engine.

Be Healthier – Be Happier

Reject the toxic emissions coming out of your tailpipe and flowing from your engine. It’s a known fact cancer rates are higher around oil refineries than most other industrial areas of the country. We all know your current exhaust emissions are harmful too, even with modern emission control systems

Harmful emissions go down dramatically when you install our Fuel Genie System. And you save money in the process. What could be a better way to drive!

Clean Your Engine

Your engine burns cleaner when you install a Fuel Genie System.

How much do you spend cleaning your fuel system? How much will you spend replacing your car due to the inevitable wear and tear that carbon buildup creates on the inside of your engine? Out of site but not out of mind. But these are real costs to you.

The Fuel Genie System makes your gasoline burn cleaner, and creates the right amount of water vapor, hydrogen and oxygen to clean your engine.

The Fuel Genie System creates lots of Hydrogen and Oxygen and Electrically Charged Water. This completely burns the carbon in your gasoline and turns it into energy and power to run your car instead of being deposited on the surfaces of the inside of your engine, or spewed out the exhaust as unhealthy pollution. Because the Fuel Genie System virtually eliminates harmful exhaust emissions your car runs cleaner and carbon deposits are scrubbed away after about 1500 miles of normal driving.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

A cleaner engine with less carbon buildup, a cooler running engine; all that adds up to reduced engine maintenance costs that ultimately saves you even more money.

Save Money Now

How much money will the Fuel Genie System save you? How much do you drive? And how much do you pay for gasoline every week? Because you get more miles out of the gas you buy and run cleaner and cooler with extended engine life, the Fuel Genie System more than pays for itself in a short time, and is guaranteed to produce fuel savings or your money back.

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Interested in more power and all the benefits of Hydrogen? Try an original MPG Guaranteed Super Fuel System!

Your Original Super System Installation kit includes:

Model Holds SFS hydrogen generator with kit display

For Guaranteed Mileage gains and huge Reductions in harmful emissions!!

Gentelman telephone headset

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Engine Sizes up to 4, 6 and 10 Liters!
Model Holds SFS

Put the Super Fuel System™
Genie in your engine

HyZor Technology eBook

Get the eBook FREE for a limited time with the purchase of a Super Fuel System

You receive as a free BONUS both an eBook and hard copy of George Wiseman's HyZor Technology, a $22.00 value! After purchase you will receive a customer code to instantly down load your free HyZor Technology eBook. This informative guide tells you How the tech works in detail and gives additional secrets on how to get the greatest gains with the Super-Fuel-System. Also the Eagle Research informative How To Install DVD is included along with hard copy installation instructions. The DVD shows you or your mechanic, step-by-step, how to install your Super Fuel System.


Installation DVD HyZor Technology 'Get More MPG'

A $25 value! This amazing installation DVD also gives you the inside scoop on the internal structure and technology of our Super Fuel System based technology. Find out what makes the Super Fuel System work so efficiently to actually replace a large percentage of your expensive gasoline and diesel fuel with the power of WATER!

EFIE MAF/MAP Combo - Electronics Control package

EFIE O2 MAP/MAF Sensor Control Combo

The Super Fuel System™ comes with a custom EFIE and MAF/MAP Combo electronics control package included at no extra charge. This is the New 2014 updated Thermostatically Controlled Narrow or Wide Band Quad Digital O2 sensor with expanded range MAF/MAP Combo.  Handles up to 4 Narrow or Wide Band 02 (Oxygen) Sensors. Complete with Expanded Range MAF/MAP Enhancer to control Mass Air Flow and Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensors. The EFIE is the Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancer designed to work with your engine's ECU, Electronic Control Unit or brain*. The EFIE Combo system properly controls the output of your Oxygen Sensors and MAF or MAP Sensors as they read your exhaust emissions and engine load. This is essential to proper Super Fuel System™ HHO / gasoline fuel saving operation.

Power Supply: Our Constant Current Pulse Width Modulator


World Famous Black Box Controller III with built in Constant Current Pulse Width Modulator, ccPWM Power Supply 2014 Model. Designed specifically for all Models of the Super-Fuel-System, SFS-1, SFS-2 and the NEW Pure Power SFS-3 Super Jet! All Recessed Controls & Connections. The Black Box Controller gives you complete control over the power supply and HHO output of your Super-Fuel-System HHO Generator. New Compact version is only 2” X 2” X 4” with mounting brackets.

AUTOMATICALLY regulates the Output of HHO. User Adjustable. Controls the Amperage Draw on your vehicle's electrical System. Maintains constant current (amperage) as set by user, +/- .025 % amp variance. Changes DC to Pulsating Direct Current for greater output. User Adjustable Pulse rate from 250hz To 5.5khz. Controls and prevents Thermal Runaway. Maximizes Efficiency of all Super-Fuel-System models. The Most Stable unit available anywhere. -20 F to 400 F operating temperature range.

Super-Fuel-System HHO Generator

The Super-Fuel-System HHO Hybrid Generator

The Power of THREE! We offer the most powerfully efficient, fuel saving, HHO automotive generator on the market: Our HHO Hybrid generator is a Hydrogen Fuel Cell, Bubbler drying unit and H2O reservoir all in one! This Saves valuable space, installation time and, best of all, boosts generator efficiency - creating sustainable gains - all the time! Our all-in-one design torches the dry cell competition. After you witness the instant mpg gains and huge reductions in harmful tail pipe emissions you will never go back.  And this is OPEN SOURCE technology. After your purchase you will receive all the secrets of How this tech works in detail and additional secrets on how to get the greatest gains with the Super-Fuel-System.

Super Power-1 Step-by-Step Install and Tune Guide

Super Power 1 Step-by-Step Install and Tune Guide
glossy color booklet and instant pdf download!

You receive as a free BONUS both an eBook and hard copy of George Wiseman's HyZor Technology, a $22.00 value! After purchase you will receive a customer code to instantly down load your free HyZor Technology eBook. This informative guide tells you How the tech works in detail and gives additional secrets on how to get the greatest gains with the Super-Fuel-System. Also the Eagle Research informative How To Install DVD is included along with hard copy installation instructions. The DVD shows you or your mechanic, step-by-step, how to install your Super Fuel System.


Super Power-1 Complete Wiring Installation kit

Super Power-1 Complete Wiring & Relay kit!

A complete Wiring and Install Kit is included with your SFS-1, 2 and 3 purchase! You receive: the proper wiring, relay, inline fuse holder, fuel line, misc. crimp on wire fittings and Super Power Electrolyte.
Follows your step-by How to Install and Tune your Super Fuel System Guide.


Super Fuel Systems 100% Money Back Guarantee


Your Super Fuel System comes with a written 60 day satisfaction guarantee. You may return your unit at any time within 60 days of purchase for a full refund, plus your installation fee if you are not 100% satisfied. We also Guarantee your unit will last for the life of your car or your money back.

Online and Telephone Support

We offer online and telephone support - Have a question? Please do not hesitate to call or email.


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